One goal that I set up at the beginning of 2019 was that I want to take my best friend Gracie to a skate park with me so we can learn and practice new tricks. This hasn’t happened yet because we haven’t had time to and the weather has really sucked recently. Another goal I made was that I really want to become better at basketball. I want to learn more new tricks with help from this one dude at my school. This goal was made to be met in the summer. The last goal I made at the beginning of the year is to get closer to my family. My family is extremely important to me and I feel like we need to bond. I will do this by getting to know them more, hang out with them and spend family time with them. I have met this goal and I plan on getting to know them more whenever I see them next.

Some important events happened this year, the most important was when my grandpa Gary passed away. When this happened my dads side of the family finally got back together and now I see everyone all the time. My seconded favorite event is when Gracie and I went skateboarding, rollerskating, and bowling for a day. My third favorite event is when my dad’s side of the family went camping with us at our camping spot. We went fishing, swimming, and all kinds of different things. My fourth event is when I went to my aunt and uncles house. They cut down this huge tree and cut it up, we road the 4wheeler, and we went swimming. My last event is when my mom took me and my sister to the OSU Spring Game. That day we did a lot of things like going out to eat, we went to Marblehead Light House, and went shopping.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons this year.  One of them is to spend more time with your family because you never know when they’re going to be gone. My aunt Kattie told me that after my Grandpa Gary passed away. The next lesson I learned was to be my self. My best friends Gracie And Daphne told me this and I think they are right. The last lesson I know is that Imperfection is beauty. My grandma Wanda told me this.

Some advice for the next 8th grader’s next school year is kinda sorta important. You need to try and be organized be you don’t want to lose your homework, classwork, and study guides. You need to pay attention is a class for the test and for when the Air Test comes up so you know what you’re doing. Don’t misbehave in a class because you might get a call home to your parents or get a detention. Also, don’t listen to mean things people have to say just stick with the friends that you trust and be more self-confident in yourself. Trust me if you do think things might go pretty good for you in the long run.


The World Race Organization

    The World Race is an 11-month mission trip that takes you to 11 different countries around the world. This will almost take up your whole year. This trip offers young adults the chance to go to others in need of the love of Jesus. There are three different groups age groups and they will travel as a team to accomplish their mission.  

The founder of The World Race is Seth Barnes. He had created these trips in 1989. Seth wanted to start these missions so young, people can have time away from home so they can become their own person. They need to get out there and explore the world a bit and experience new things that they have never experienced before. If would like to watch the video about how the world race came to be here is the link. If you would like to know more about Seth and his journey here is the link.

An ongoing project that The World Race has had is called project Searchlight. Project Searchlight was made because it might be hard to come back home from traveling around the world for almost a year. The people that go on these trips have tons of stories to share with there friends and family. You can finally rest and get back to your old life, but this might be difficult for some people because of the things they saw and went through on their mission. They have seen how different people live, survive, and how hard it is for them to live life. So, this project helps these young people be able to come back home and not feel different from what they did before the trip. They will get together with people and talk about the things they saw and talk about what they felt. If you would like to know more about the Project Searchlight click here.

If you would like the donate to The World Race click here.







Gender Neutral Toys

At this time of year, there is way more talk about toys, but there s starting to be more advocacy for gender-neutral toys. That’s why I would like to explain to you what is going on with this advocacy for gender-neutral toys.

The days of girl’s and boy’s toys being colored coded shopping aisles might be a thing in the past. I have found out that, “Most recently, news that Target is ditching gender-based toy labels—including in-store signage and colored backdrops on shelves—has sparked the ire of some conservatives, who contend that gender-neutral shopping experiences are an affront to “traditional” values.”(Quarts) This proves that they are making changes to the store because of gender-based toys and based.  This also means that there not going to judge a girl if she likes trucks and cars there also not going to judge a boy for liking barbies dolls. The thing is though is that there is more to explain to you than just this.

Some people do not like the idea of a girl just having a doll and a boy having a truck because if you think about it what if the child doesn’t want or like the toy they got and want a different one. Maybe the toy they want is a “girl” toy and the kid is a boy, so what should people do about it. “Looking at how children play with toys that fall into gender stereotypes gives us a window on children’s developing sense of what goes along with being a boy or a girl.”(TheNewYorkTimes) This means that kids are used to playing with gender stereotype toys and they are getting used to having to play with those toys. So there should be a good variety of toys for kids because you might not know what they might be interested in.

People think that kids should be able to explore any and different kind of toys doesn’t matter if there boy toys or girl toys. For example, “if your daughter shows an interest in Star Wars action figures, you needn’t discourage her, and likewise, if your son is drawn to My Little Pony figures. Besides, kids’ interests can quickly shift, so overanalyzing their preferences for play is hardly a worthwhile venture.”(Parenting)  This states that it doesn’t matter if your son or daughter likes something different just go with it and don’t discourage them if you don’t like it.

Now that I have explained what has happened with some past events about the advocacy for gender-neutral toys, I hope you understate it a lot better now. Thanks for reading.



My Thank You Letter!!

      Expressing thankfulness is important for the happiness of others. Most of us feel pretty thankful when good things happen to us. Like for example, I have been thankful for a lot of people recently and it has helped me out a lot. So I would like to spend the time to say that I’m thankful for all my friends and family.

     I am thankful for all of my lady friends. I have known these girls for such a long time and as we all got older, we started to become better friends. Sure we had our ups and downs at times but they’re almost always there for me when I need them to be. I love that they all can put up with all my weirdness and how annoying I can be sometimes. They have seen all the sides of me like how mean or nice I can be to people. They listen to me when I wanna talk about something, instead of ignoring me. They almost always have my back no matter what happens, and frankly, there are way too many things to say why I am thankful for them. That’s why all I need to say is that I’m thankful for them being there for me. Then this would have to lead to my next set of people.

     I am also very thankful for my guy friends, I’m not saying names because then people will say I like them or something like that. One of my friends has been through a lot of the same things I have and can help me out whenever I need it. I can just talk about anything to him because he understands what I’m feeling and going through. He is a great friend to me and I hope it stays that way. On the other hand, one of my other guy friends is just fun in general. He makes things way more exciting to do, he will tell you exactly what he thinks and it doesn’t matter if it’s kind of mean or nice, and I like it when people do that so I know the truth about something. I’m also thankful for the guy friends that have been there for me as well. These friends are definitely not the last thing I’m thankful for, I’m also thankful for my family.

     I am very thankful for my family, I have known most of them since I was little and I am still meet new family members as I get older. My mom and dad are very supportive of the choices I make if they will help me be a better person. Like the time I wanted to try out skateboarding, I really do enjoy it now and I am happy I got to do it. I’m thankful for them because I know that there are always people how will forever love me for who I am. They motivate me to be the best person I can be, they also normally don’t judge me on all the weird things I do, but let’s be honest who isn’t weird. They have taught me a lot of things as well and if I didn’t have them in my life then I wouldn’t know that information. Like for instance, my dad teaches me how to fix different car parts so I wouldn’t have to go to a car shop for everything when I’m older. My mom has taught me how to decorate things and be strong little woman. My family is also very unique so I know that there is no one else just like mine. That’s were a lot of my thankfulness comes from basically.

     I will hopefully be forever thankful for all of these people in my lifetime and I hope they know this. My friends and family are there for me and can support me, so that’s why I am thankful for them all.

The problems with obesity

     More and more Americans are becoming obese and I honestly think it’s a problem. If you don’t know obese means it means your grossly fat or overweight. This makes me upset because people can help themselves to not have obesity but they don’t care and become obese anyways. Obesity is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

     Overweight and obesity are increasingly common conditions in the United States. A source that I have found states that, “Obesity has become a serious health problem in the United States (US): nearly 35% of Americans have obesity. Obesity is not just a problem of “girth control”; it is now considered a chronic disease” Stated by, (endocrineweb). As you may see there is obviously a problem with this and I think it is kind of sad that obesity is now considered a chronic disease. Another source that I have found has said, “Over the last few years obesity has ceased to be an exclusively aesthetic problem and has crossed the line to become a health and healthcare issue, by turning into a genuine epidemic worldwide requiring enormous human, technical and economic resources to fight this.”(ciberobn isciii) I have found that obesity hasn’t just happened in the United States alone, but that it’s globe. My last piece of evidence is, “Obesity is a serious, chronic disease that can have a negative effect on many systems in your body. People who are overweight or obese have a much greater risk of developing serious conditions.”(Stanford Health Care) Now that you know that obesity is a serious problem and it can be a risk and that’s the problem with it.

     People in the United States need to try to stop this issue. If not then at one point there will be more than 35% of people with obesity and that is not good at all. I think that people with obesity should try to go to a doctor and get help. I hope in the next couple years this issue will get better but if not, then there will be even more problems to deal with and people will not know what to do.


Red Ribbon Week

     In my school, every year we do something called Red Ribbon Week(RRW). This week is a very important week in my school, we talk about the dangers in drugs and why we don’t need to use them I’m going to talk about all the things we do during RRW and what my school and I have learned about it. In RRW we normally do different things like dress up for your favorite team to team up against drugs or dress up in a costume so scare away drugs. We would do something everyday of the week. My school does this so we can get to the students like me and talk about not getting in the way of the dangers of drugs. This is how all the students can show their spirit of Red Ribbon Week.

     During RRW on the announcements a speaker will tell everyone a story from one of the high schoolers. They normally talk about how they, there family, or friend has used drugs and how it affected them. This has us learn about what has happened to people because of the use of drugs. Another thing I did this year for RRW was in the gym, the teacher split the class up. We talk about all of the dangers of vaping and how it’s bad for you and why you shouldn’t it. Another thing I did this year for RRW was in the gym, the teacher split the class up. We talk about all of the dangers of vaping and how it’s bad for you and why you shouldn’t it. Red Ribbon week is to present a commitment to live a safe life, healthy, and drug-free life. This is supposed to make you realize the problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs and to make a decision to live a drug-free lifestyle.

My Future Goals!

     I’ve only lived a small portion of my life and I have a long ways to go from here so I’ve made some long-term goals for myself. One of my goals is to go to college for something in Law School. I don’t know what I want to do yet in Law but I have some time to think about it as I presage to get there the best college to go to for that is Harvard and I know that is an extremely hard place to get into, but I’ll definitely try my hardest to. The only way I can get to this is by working hard and trying to meet my goals for this.

     One of my other goals is to travel to a ton of places in the world. I wanna do this because my dad did and he said it was great seeing all the different people and sights. I feel like it would be fun for me because I would maybe get to met and make a new friend,. Eat new and different types of food, and get to see all the things in the world that others don’t get the chance to see. I want to discover the world’s incredible cultural diversity, learn need languages, make new adventurer, and be with nature.

     One of my last long-term goals is kinda close form now, but that’s okay. This goal I’m making for high school but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it or not. On my dream bored you can see that there is stuff retaliated to sports like soccer, basketball, and softball. I won’t be able to play at least one of these sports. I haven’t been able to play any sports for like three years now and it would be nice if I could play one again. The only problem with this goal is that I don’t get to choose if I can play sports or not soI will have to see till then.


Time To Survive

     It was an opportunity of a lifetime. I get to win 0ne-million dollars if I can survive two weeks on a deserted island. This is going to be a great adventure and I am hoping to have a little bit of fun, but I know for sure that it will be really hard work.

I get to bring three friends and a few things I would need for the next two months. These people are really close friends and I trust them dearly. I’m bringing my friends Cj, Gracie, and Gerimiah. They get to bring some stuff that they need and they also get a little bit of the prize money too. I’m going to bring four fishing polls, a 70 in. tent, a weeks worth of clothes, four lighters, bug spray, sunscreen, a couple pots, and a couple other things that might come in handy at one point in time.

     It was the next morning so me and my friends were on the way to the deserted island. I thought to myself I’ll just go to sleep so I have some energy for the day but the only problem about that was the thing, I couldn’t go to sleep. I was to nervous so I just talk to my friends and ate some food. I was eating a meatball sub and had pepsi while I was talking to Gracie about skateboarding and different sports. When I was done eating I talked to everyone about what were we all going to do when we got to the island. I was going to set up everyones tents and make an area for eating and relaxing. Gracie was going to go to fishing with Gerimiah and she was also going to boil some stream water so we can drink it. Cj was going to go get some wood for fires and to start making a shelter out of wood.

     When we got onto the island we started doing are jobs for the day. It took me like an hour or two to put up the tents and an hour to make the bond fire area. The tents were about five feet apart each and I also put everyone’s stuff in there tent as well. I wanted everything to look nice for some reason, but I came to the conclusion that I just wanted to feel like I was at home. I didn’t really miss my home that much yet but I know that I will soon. When everyone was done doing their jobs we all decided to eat some fish that Gerimiah caught. When we were done everyone went to bed. It was quite but I had a super uncomfortable feeling and I didn’t like it so I went outside of my tent and turned on my flashlight. Everything seems normal so I just when back in the ent and fell asleep. During that night I had a dream that me and my friends are all drowning we are stuck underwater but we could not get out and that we are just a foot from the surface. When I woke up I didn’t know what to do I was shook.

     In the a day or two later, I was having the same dream over and over and over non stop. It is driving me crazy and my friends are starting to notice something was wrong. Everytime they would ask if there was something wrong I would deny it, but then I decided to tell them. When I told everyone they were being supportive about it and and Gracie was saying it was all going to be okay.

    After I got used to having the dream I started doing better and working more. By this time we have some barrys and fish that we can eat and some stored water. I think that we are doing just fine and that we are all going to be okay. I made breakfish since I was the first one up all I did was poor four glasses of water and had out napkins full of barrys for everyone to eat. After everyone ate we went off into groups because we thought it would be safer. So Cj and Gerimiah went fishing and after that they are supposed to go and get some wood. Me and Gracie are going to go get some barrys and more water to boil so we can drink it. When me and Gracie got back Cj and Gerimiah were not there so we went go find then but when we got there we found Gerimiah knocked out and cj was gone. When we woke Gerimiah up we all went to go find cj but he was nowhere to be seen. So we all went back to the camp hoping he was there but he wasn’t. When Gracie asked Gerimiah what happened he had no clue and that’s when we all started t freak out. It was dark out so we all went to sleep but we all decided that in the morning we would look for him.

    That morning we went looking for him, we only have two days left before we were going too have to go and that was a short time period. We looked all over then island and found nothing so we look around the water and in the water and that’s when we found him we didn’t know if he was alive or dead so we had Gerimiah cheek. He said he was alive and that it looked like he had been knocked out by something. When we were walking back to camp Gerimiah was carrying him then he finally woke up, we asked him if he remembered anything at all but he said no. When we got back to camp we all went to bed we were all tired after today and needed some rest.

     When we all woke up we decided on getting most of are stuff packed up for tomorrow for when we leave. It wasn’t all that hard to be honest, all we really had to do was pack up are clothes and some of the supplies we brought. So when we were done I made some food for everyone which was the same thing that we has been eating for the past two weeks. When we were all done doing that I checked Cj and Gerimiah for any injuries that they had. All Gerimiah had was a bump on his head and cj had a black eye. After that I talked to Gracie about how this was a bad idea but we would at least get that one million dollars. Then she asked this, what knocked out Cj and Gerimiah. This thought had scared me a lot because we had no idea what or who would have done it. I told her I don’t know and not to worry about it to much, but to stay close to everyone.

     The next morning it was time to go, I was extremely happy to go. I was tired and scared that’s all I was feeling basicly. Everyone else look tired but we were all going to try to have some fun on the flight before we all went our  separate ways for a little bit. When I went to the bathroom on the plan I accidently dropped my phone in the toilet. I screamed and everyone came to the bathroom and started laughing at me but I was so mad I haven’t got to use my phone in two weeks and it was gone just like that. After this we went back to our sets because the plain was about to land. I was glad to be home to my normal life and was kinda excited on what was going to come next.


A book that I have read this year is called TRAFFICKED by Kim Purcell. It is about this ordinary teenager named Hannah. She was lived in  Moldova until her parents are killed in a terrorist bombing. But after this happens she gets a opportunity of a lifetime, she gets a job as a nanny for this Russian family in Los Angeles.

     At first, things were going really well but then Platonov’s turns out to be not as great as Hannah thought. Lillian, the mother, forces Hannah to work sixteen-hour days cleaning, she won’t let her leave the house for anything not even to mail letters to her Babulya, her grandma and she hasn’t paid Hannah any money at all. Sergey, the father, is full of secrets and lies, and he hasn’t paid Hannah any money either.      

    A this point Hannah is worn down by all the work and not getting paid for doing any of it. Lillian beats Hannah when she doesn’t do something Lillian doesn’t like, and this last time was the last time. After Lillian left her laying on the garage floor all bloody and hurt she made a move and tried to go to the neighbor’s  house but she is being chased by Platonov and he has a gun. When she gets there she is okay but extremely hurt so then Colin, the boy next door calls 911 for help.

    Hannah is in America with fake documents, no money, and she is not aloud to contact anyone, not even her family. And as  Hannah unravels this family’s terrible secrets, the more her life and her family’s life are in great danger. She reaches out to the boy next door named Colin, he is really nice to her. But in the end, the only she can save herself. That’s where I will leave you with the book. 

The Real Truth Behind Fairy Tales

     I didn’t really have a favorite fairy tale when I was growing up, I was more into superheros and stuff like that. But when I found out about the original fairy tale stories by The Grimm Brothers,I was SHOOK! Most of the original stories are very gruesome and is way too inappropriate for little kids. That’s why Disney had took out all the honorable things and made the books and movies kid friendly. 

     The one story that I really thought was messed up was Sleeping Beauty. I would hope that you all have hear the story of Sleeping Beauty, but I bet that you haven’t heard of the original one yet. So basically a king walks by Sleeping Beauty and he knocks on the door. When she doesn’t answer he climbs up to her window with a ladder. He finds her and calls to her, but she did not answer because she was unconscious. Seems pretty normal right until now, so the king takes her to the bed and rapes her and I’m pretty sure they fall in love. The king has a wife though that is a huge problem. The wife tried to burn Sleeping Beauty at the stake but at least it never worked. So then the king gets married to Sleeping beauty and live happily ever after. 

That was pretty gross right, if so then read the rest there not as great as they seem to be. There is Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and more.